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Poster: mystified Date: Nov 20, 2007 9:56pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: mystified mixes Chicago, free Tribe Of Astronauts Release

2 new projects are available for free download:

1. mystified "Big Shoulders" Mix

The "Big Shoulders" mix is named for the "City of Big Shoulders"-- Chicago, Illinois USA. The mix is all about my fascination with Chicago. I lived there for 7 years, somewhat sporadically, between the years of 1989 and 2000. My experiences in that city have never left my mind, and related impressions have inspired many a mystified song.
This mix is comprised of 15 songs, mixed into continuous play. The tracks in the mix were written between the years of 2004 and 2007. Some tracks will sound familiar to those interested in mystified net releases, while others appear on limited edition cdrs and cassettes, and will be new to most. As a point of interest, three tracks use sounds created by cars or parts of cars, including "Coming This Way", "BDrum" and "Down Way Down". Two pieces were composed using algorithmic sample manipulation-- the tracks "Massy" and "Quite Deep". Many tracks feature such phonographic elements as shortwave static and found drone sounds.
More than anything, these pieces reflect the "Spirit" of Chicago-- as a sprawling urban area, with industrial qualities-- as a city with notable architecture-- buildings that loom and soar-- as a city with a history, from gang violence to racial tension to cultural growth. On a personal note, my years in Chicago were especially difficult, for a variety of reasons, including emotional and financial ones. However, I was close to many friends, who today I miss. There were high points to my life there, for sure.
Chicago is the largest city in which I would consider living. Sometimes I have thought about moving back, to this day. The "Big Shoulders" mix is music by someone who has left Chicago, but whose heart is still there.

Note: Special thanks to Mark Jondahl for the cover art ( ).

2. Tribe Of Astronauts-- "Missive 2"

"Missive 2" is a longform remix of the underground ambient hit, "Remote Missive" ( ). Like the original, it is based on space travel, and the idea of taking personal objects on space trips-- contraband. This practice has been widespread, apparently, though not condoned by authorities. In this mix, emphasis has been placed on texture and stereo effect. The Tribe hope you enjoy it.

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